Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Could Our Blog Be More?

We have had a number of discussions about "branding" as a way of marketing our program. A number of us, myself included, recognize that the diversity of our faculty expertise is a strength.

What if we started a blog, maybe called Pitt SIS Faculty Reports on the State of the Information Scoeity, where we posted reviews of publications, Web sites, reports, new legislation, media discussion of issues concerning the use of information technology, and so forth?

We could agree about an acceptable length (maybe limited to 500-750 words), pace them out on a daily basis, and have one individual serve as the manager/gatekeeper to keep the blog on track. Maybe this could be a doctoral student working with a faculty member. Maybe it could be a faculty member.

We could discuss this as a mechanism for supporting the development and teaching of the undergraduate course and the work on developing one graduate course (2000) across the programs.

This could be fun, useful, and draw some attention to our school. With 30 faculty members, I doubt that keeping a daily blog going five days (or even seven days) a week would be insurmountable as a problem. It could help bring us across our own boundaries.

We also could report on our own research, publications, that of our students, guest talks by leading experts, and so forth.

What do people think?

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Martin Weiss said...

I think something like that could be helpful for the school. I am really looking forward to 500-750 word posts ;-).