Friday, May 16, 2008

Technology and Teaching

Julie Frechette, associate professor of communication and the director of the Center for Community Media at Worcester State College, has an interesting essay about the use of technology in teaching, in Inside Higher Education, available at

Here is how the article concludes: "As with other digital developments, faculty continue to grapple with these questions as pedagogical paradigms for effective learning are rapidly changing. Fortunately, clich├ęs of the professor as preoccupied with research over teaching, the political over the personal, literature over television, print over digital media, high art over popular culture, and conferencing over social networking have increasingly been challenged through profound socio-cultural changes, many of which have undoubtedly been promulgated by new technologies and a new generation of learners. If social networking, 3D simulations, blogs and Web pages are means to enhancing the student-teacher relationship, then perhaps we should be less hesitant about using them as we strive to find powerful and creative means to improve the learning experience."

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