Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Future of Libraries

Historian Robert Darnton has an interesting essay considering the future of libraries in his "The Library in Your Future," New York Review of Books 55 (June 12, 2008): 72-73, 76, 78-80. Comparing print and digital publishing, Darnton seeks to remind us that every era is an information, although this one is indicating that information may be more fluid than that of earlier times. Essentially, Darnton argues that we need both traditional and new forms of libraries, and that we need to learn to appreciate them both for what they represent. Darnton is always provocative, and this essay is no exception.


Ellen Detlefsen said...

Hmmm. Maybe this is a good reading for LIS 2000 in the fall?

pax, Ellen

Richard J. Cox said...

I believe Darnton is writing a book about libraries -- that is what we should watch for.