Thursday, May 08, 2008

an interesting list of Top 10 IT issues for academe...

The 2008 annual list of Top Ten IT Issues has been published in the May/June EducauseReview, found at

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Stephen Hirtle said...

Security, not surprising, is number one. What is surprising is that we never seem to learn, made clear in a recent article in Wired from 04.24.08:

Trojan Horses Still Kicking After All These Years

About 3,000 years ago Thursday, some Greeks left the people of Troy a wooden horse at the walled city’s front gate -- a free gift, no cost, no obligation from would-be invaders who wanted their adversaries to think they had left in peace.

Accepting the Trojan horse at face value turned out to be a big mistake.

Some things never change. In the 21st century Trojan horses are made of electronic "1s" and "0s" but are still left for you in all innocence and in plain sight: your e-mail inbox, in IMs and on a web page. But the intent, and the outcome, is pretty much the same: to pillage and steal.