Friday, January 22, 2010

Who wants a BookBook case?

from the Krafty Librarian blog : Friday Fun: The BookBook

"What better way for a Mac-toting librarian to protect their laptop than the BookBook? The BookBook is a laptop case cleverly designed and disquised as an antique, distressed, leather-bound book.

It comes in two colors, red and black and in 13″ and 15″ sizes. According to the TwelveSouth website, the “rigid leather hardback covers for a solid level of impact absorbing protection. The rigid spine serves as crush protection for an additional line of defense. BookBook creates a hardback book structure that safeguards your MacBook like few other cases.” The zippers for the case look like little leather bookmarks.

The first attached image shows the outside look of the BookBook carrying case. The second attached image shows a MacBook inside the BookBook case.

[The Krafty Librarian] thinks the case is a little pricey at $79.99 but then again when you compare with others at, it is pretty much right in the middle of things.

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Bernadette Callery said...

Come, come - it's not a real "distressed" book unless the red rot comes off on your sleeve. - - Bernadette