Saturday, January 02, 2010

Things that became obsolete this decade

This is fun reading ... maybe it suggests things for Ellen's museum. How many of these are still in your house or office?


Ellen Detlefsen said...

OK, already! I do have a compact disc and 3 sizes of floppies in the museum, and I'll add my old Blockbuster member card, my 35mm film camera, and my own old VCR. However, I still use a map or two regularly, I still FAX things, and I still prefer to read two daily newspapers and a weekly paper in their PRINT versions. If anyone has a spare pay phone booth, I'll take it IF you can get it into a SIS elevator and deliver it to my office

Richard J. Cox said...

Right, some of these devices or tools are not dead yet, if for no other reason than that there are elements of our society who cannot afford to be without them. I am sure someone has added up the financial costs of having all their replacements and I suspect that many of the tens of millions living at or below the poverty line cannot shell out the coin to acquire them.