Thursday, January 18, 2007

Women leaving IT jobs

You might find this article (from interesting. The author writes:

The number of women choosing careers in IT continues to decline, with many put off by the long-hours culture and lack of flexible working.

Most damaging for the industry is the increasing number of experienced senior female execs that are abandoning technology. As these women in their 40s leave IT behind, they take with them vital experience and contacts, and also reduce the number of role models and mentors available for younger women in IT.

According to Carrie Hartnell, programme manager at industry trade group Intellect, only 16 per cent of tech workers are women, and even that meagre number is a drop from 18 per cent a couple of years ago.

This clearly suggests that we cannot solve female enrollment in our technology programs by ourselves ... this needs to be a broadly-based industry effort in which we, of course, have a significant role to play.

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