Thursday, January 04, 2007

Perceptions of IT graduates

As a companion to yesterday's item about IT grads' job prospects comes this item. The authors write:
Graduates entering the workplace lack basic skills such as writing and arithmetic, and leave university with poor business awareness, according to CIOs.
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Paul Broome, IT director at, complained about a lack of technical knowledge among IT graduates today.
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Others noted a lack of more basic all-round skills in many new graduates. Neil Harvey, head of IT and accommodation at the Food Standards Agency, said: "My impression from dealing with younger colleagues today is that notable numbers of them lack basic good mental arithmetic, spelling and grammar abilities. It also seems to be regarded as an 'old-fashioned' standard - after all, we have spell-checkers and calculators, don't we?"

As with the past article, this report was based on results from the UK. I wonder if the same results would obtain here ...

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