Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Books and Copyright

Those interested in copyright issues might find it interesting to read the Libary Law blog on a recent conference at Columbia on the Google Books Settlement. The conference addressed the following issues:

Google, authors and publishers recently entered into a settlement agreement in The Authors Guild et al. v. Google Inc., a class action lawsuit brought against Google in connection with its use of copyrighted books in its Book Search feature, and in The McGraw-Hill Companies et al. v. Google Inc., a separate lawsuit by publishers. The settlement, if approved by the court, will provide new opportunities for authors and publishers to market their works. It will also enhance the public’s ability to search for books and to get partial text displays (and, in the case of many older works, full text displays) at home, at school, and in libraries. At the same time, the settlement may have significant implications for copyright law, competition, research and scholarship.

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