Thursday, December 11, 2008

New report on "cord cutters"

I have been following the "cord cutter" trend for some time. This report from Nielsen provides a bit more fodder.

From this, we can conclude that cord cutters are much more common among the under 34 age group who rent. Not surprising to me, but it is good to see data.


Anonymous said...

Are there national 911 laws for landline phone service in communities? Possibly also a factor

Martin Weiss said...

Here is a related item, which reports on the latest CDC survey on this question. I haven't had a chance to compare the results yet.

Anonymous said...

18% is relatively small percent and increased only about 4 % from last year the related yahoo article indicates, and comments on users switching to cord cutting not necessarily for preference but for economic costs savings. I know in many neighborhoods people are advised to keep their landline phones, esp where elderly and families reside so they have communication when a storm hits.
For those of us living in NYC during 9/11 and subsequent brownout energy loss crises months later, it's good advice, no phones worked in that emergency for several hours, days later. The bundling pricetags are cheaper and encourage cord cutting however...preferred method? not sure.