Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A review of "Surface"

This article takes a look at Microsoft Surface. I am not sure we can call it a new paradigm, but it does take some new steps in human-computer interaction.

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Jeff Smith said...

This technology certainly holds some fascinating capabilities that can make life easy for all of us. I particularly like the thought of splitting a restaurant check 5 ways by dragging and dropping the "photo" of the items you consumed to your corporate/credit card. I'm sure this technology will be pervasive when my children grow up but I see some obstacles to a meteoric adoption.

I would hope that other companies have been conducting research in this space as I believe these first itterations will be so expensive as to negate any widespread adoption for awhile. Competition in this space will help drive down the cost and I wouldn't mind seeing the adoption of this technology increase. I also think the "technophobes" would help put the brakes on any widespread adoption as well.

While I wish it was ANYONE else but Microsoft that developed this, I look forward to watching this technology grow or possibly fail. I know time will tell if this is adopted but it will be an interesting journey for this technology.