Thursday, October 25, 2007

GAO on Internet Infrastructure

This GAO Report might be of broader interest within the school. The "Highlights" section reads as follows:

Why GAO Did This Study

Since the early 1990s, growth in the use of the Internet has revolutionized the way that our nation communicates and conducts business. While the Internet originated as a U.S. government-sponsored research project, the vast majority of its infrastructure is currently owned and operated by the private sector. Federal policy recognizes the need to prepare for debilitating Internet disruptions and tasks the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with developing an integrated public/private plan for Internet recovery.

GAO was asked to summarize its report on plans for recovering the Internet in case of a major disruption (GAO-06-672) and to provide an update on DHS’s efforts to implement that report’s recommendations. The report (1) identifies examples of major disruptions to the Internet, (2) identifies the primary laws and regulations governing recovery of the Internet in the event of a major disruption, (3) evaluates DHS plans for facilitating recovery from Internet disruptions, and (4) assesses challenges to such efforts.

What GAO Recommends

In its report, GAO made recommendations to DHS to strengthen its ability to help recover from Internet disruptions. In written comments, DHS agreed with these recommendations.

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