Friday, June 12, 2009

Journal Publishing

Kate Maternowski, “Who Profits from For-Profit Journals?” Inside Higher Education, June 12, 2009,, reports on discussions at this week’s meeting of the American Association of University Professors about publishing in non-profit or for-profit venues. Issues of access, citation, and compensation. “A few alternatives to completely commercially managed journals the speakers mentioned included self-managed, non-profit, open-access models (like ACME, where Engel-DiMauro serves on the editorial board); self-managed, nonprofits with fee-restricted access (Human Geography: A New Radical Journal is one); pooled control, free access journals (SCOAP3); or even – though Engel-DiMauro admitted they can be too pricey for academics -- corporate-owned journals that provide free access but charge the author (Open Geography Journal).”

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