Friday, August 22, 2008

Managing Your Time -- Some Pointers

David Perlmutter, “Do You Really Not Have the Time?,” Chronicle of Higher Education, August 22, 2008, available at, provides a good list of suggestions for how faculty can manage their time. I extracted below some of his main points.

“To get your work life under control, you must first recognize that the problem is controllable. To view yourself as a martyr to work, fated to slog through the faculty years overburdened with cares and labors, is an exercise in self-indulgence.”

“ Discover and stake out your preferred work environment.”

“ Whatever your favored venue, carve out time to concentrate there.”

“ Frame of mind is also important. . . . You need some spiritual focus as well — a sort of ‘Zen and the Art of Research.’”

“Begin with the big picture: Consider what you want to complete in teaching, research, and service, and calculate the probable time needed to finish the projects for, say, three years ahead.”

David D. Perlmutter is a professor in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas.

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s c hirtle said...

Interesting article, but I kept thinking while reading it that I was violating one his principles by being distracted by yet another blog and another article.