Saturday, April 19, 2008

5 IT Skills Almost No One Needs Any More

You might find this article interesting:

Just in time for graduation, InfoWorld outlines five skills that just don’t cut it in today’s IT industry:

Evidently AJAX and XML are putting the traditional mark-up language in the back seat. Besides that, who doesn’t know at least a little HTML?

“Legacy” programming languages
As Wired Campus reported last week, old mainframe programming skills—think COBOL and FORTRAN—don’t command the prestige, or the salary, that they used to.

Does anyone remember this? Some business are still using this Novell-produced networking software, which had its heyday in the 90s, but Linux and Windows Server now rule the roost.

Non-IP Networking
There was a time when networks were set up on mainframes using IBM’s SNA protocol. It has since fallen out of fashion, replaced by server-based networks.

PC Tech Support
A survey from the Computer Technology Industry Association says that employers aren’t hiring as many hardware tinkerers as before—and that salaries are declining for those who do get hired.

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