Monday, February 25, 2008

Online education in India

You might find this article in Businessweek interesting. Quoting the article:

Online education addresses some of India's shortcomings: a dismal education system, limited reach, and a severe paucity of faculty. "Even students from smaller engineering colleges feel they can now access the same courses our top students are exposed to," says Kanan Moudgaliya, head of the distance learning initiative at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai.

The efforts to boost graduate education have begun right at the top. India is booming, and as new industries such as retail, real estate, and infrastructure grow, the talent crunch grows, too. In 2003, New Delhi made education a priority, boosting spending from 3% of gross domestic product to 5%. Upgrading the quality of higher education was key to its agenda. That's when the IITs and the leading business schools went online with their courses. There's both Web-based education, which puts course material online for students to download, and there's virtual learning ...

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sanjana said...

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